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    What’s your wellness brand identity?

    Building a successful wellness brand identity

    Wellness warriors, yogis, fitspo and so on – the health and wellness industry is valued at $4.2 trillion globally – with 12.8 per cent growth between 2015-2017. But despite its growth, it’s had its fair share of sham – we’ve read plenty about false claims cancer cures, and unqualified Insta influencers promoting dodgy diets and fad fitness. Who could forget disgraced Australian wellness blogger Belle Gibson, who falsely claimed she survived cancer by healing herself naturally and then mislead consumers by lying about her charitable donations – she’s facing a mammoth fine.

    But it’s providing a world of opportunity too for businesses – especially start-ups. It even is commanding its own ‘day’ now too – Global Wellness Day is June 8. There’s plenty of people looking for advice in an era when the demands of modern life, stress, and anxiety is at an all-time high. The World Health Organization just classified burnout as an ‘occupational phenomenon in its recent 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases. The irony is that for many people, the time to find the wellness support they need is nigh – and so they’re searching online.

    No matter whether your business is a gym, spa, hair and beauty, fitness, nutrition or anything considered ‘wellness’ (and the category now has a very wide berth), it is even more important to get your name and brand right and instil confidence, trust and credibility in what you do and what you stand for. And there are two key rules to live by when building or re-establishing your wellness brand identity.

    1. Establish credibility

      Your brand and identity reflect the service you offer – probably moreso than any other industry. And for many wellness brands, the person is in fact the brand. Keep that in mind when developing your brand values and identity – especially as you’re often competing with the world of celebrity – Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop just launched Goopfellas and locally, model Megan Gale has just launched her YourMindLife range of products. Your background, experience, qualifications, suppliers, ingredients etc all contribute to your credibility and that’s paramount the making (or breaking) of your good name.

    2. Consider your techxpertise

      With wellness you need to be online. Simple. You’re competing in a world of Instagram influencers and YouTube tutorials. It is imperative to make sure your brand identity online is savvy, smart and simple. It may seem to be counterintuitive to the idea of wellness when we’re encouraging people to disconnect, but it’s actually how you’ll best connect in this cluttered world – think meditation and fitness apps, finding and booking yoga and pilates classes, and learning how to cook with kale.

    Engage a creative agency to help you with your wellness brand identity – including your digital presence to ensure you get it right from the beginning. It’s a space that has a world of potential but get it wrong, you’ll be lost in the ether.

    Our brand agency has extensive experience creating wellness brand identities; fitness, health and yoga  industries. See some of the latest brands here: Zest+ZingVERO FitnessAXXISEleventh ElementGreen Remedy

    Get in touch to discuss branding your new startup gym or wellness business perhaps rebranding your exisiting fitness centre or yoga studio click here and email us now

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