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    Getting your restaurant brand-right hospitality logo design

    Getting your restaurant brand right in a tough economic climate

    Latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals households have been cutting back on discretionary spending this year, particularly on restaurants and cafés – so to get patronage cut-through in this tough economic climate, ensuring your service and brand identity is top notch is critical. And in a start-up environment its even tougher.

    Take it from two of the world’s best-known food and restaurant/café brands:

    1. Know your market and your value

    If you have a clear understanding of who and what you are, you’ll be able to ascertain if your target customers exist in your area and if you are meeting or capitalising in local needs. And ensuring this is reflected in your identity will help you cut through to connect with locals and tourists. Love them or hate them, Starbucks is famous for standing by its brand identity of replicating a consistent customer experience across all its stores and its products.

    1. Don’t be afraid to rebrand

    The world’s most well-known fast-food brand started in 1937 when Patrick McDonald opened a drive-in restaurant ‘The Airdome’ along the famous Route 66 – but three years later his two sons relocated it to San Bernardino and renamed it ‘McDonald’s’ including redesigning its building to include those famous golden arches. In the world of fast food and road trips – this became the ultimate visual identity, especially when they started franchising in the mid 1950s.

    The better you understand what your customer wants and needs from their dining experience, why they choose you, and how that aligns with our own culinary and service ideals, the easier it will be to develop your brand. If its family values and home-style cooking, your name may have value but in a high-traffic locale, does your cuisine or speciality warrant highlighting? Or is it something else altogether?

    Do your research, identify your values and engage a creative agency to help you with your branding and identity from your name to your décor to your menu. In the food game, where Instagram and TripAdvisor can make or break a business, your visual identity from plate to paint can make all the difference.

    Our brand agency has extensive experience creating new brands in the hospitality industry.  See some of the latest brands here: The Lakeside Mill– Coffee Bird– Green Remedy

    Get in touch to discuss branding your new startup restaurant or perhaps rebranding your exisiting restaurant or cafe click here and email us now

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