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    creating a fitness brand

    Creating a fitness brand online

    Three tips to create a strong fitness brand online.

    As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a fitness brand has never been tougher, yet reaching more people in more places has never been easier as the at-home market grows. The key to creating a successful fitness brand is building an engaging, trustworthy brand connection. So, how do you create a fitness brand to best communicate with new customers? What you do today can make all the difference as we come out the other side of the pandemic. And that’s where a powerful brand identity comes in to its own.

    Fitness is undergoing an enormous period of disruption – which breeds opportunity
    The forced closure of fitness outlets of all kinds at the onset of coronavirus in Australia turned the fitness industry on its head, but the mass migration to online engagement is fundamentally changing how the industry operates and growing and nurturing communities in a time of isolation. The revenue forecast for the segment in Australia is projected to reach US $252 million in 2020 and those that will maximise earnings during the pandemic are those that have a strong brand supporting a digital offering. The upshot is there has never been a better time to create a fitness brand online.

    Three important factors to creating a fitness brand that stands out online
    Everyone from well-known chains to local personal trainers have all largely had to pivot online to optimise revenue through this period. Quite a few have actually enjoyed growth from physical brands with existing social media and subscriber lists able to market new fitness solutions through the early periods of lockdown to global subscription apps with large followings. Fundamental to their success is a strong digital brand identity.

    1. Get your branding right on every platform
    At-home fitness is not a new phenomenon. Think back to the heyday of fitness videos and DVDs – Jane Fonda nailed it in the 80s. But in the COVID era, you need to be more than just accessible at home. You’re competing in a world of Instagram influencers and YouTube tutorials – so what will make someone choose you? Quite simply, your brand. It’s all about the service you offer and your reputation. The credibility of your brand and how you execute it digitally that will make you stand out. In the digital space where keyboard warriors rule the roost, brand is a true measure of success.

    2. Understand your customer – their physical and emotional needs
    In the COVID era, many aspects of the in-gym experience cannot be replicated at home. Consider what your target customers need from your brand as they adapt to at-home workouts or slowly make a socially distanced return to gyms and studios. Not everyone will return to physical spaces so getting to know your customers from the first digital connection is critical to ensuring their training experience with you is seamless and encourages return visits. Your online presence can facilitate feedback forms, surveys and also showcase alternative ways of using your services – whether in gym or at home. Remember, the customer is always right so use your digital brand to get inside their heads.

    3. Consider your techxpertise and outsource your branding
    You are focused on your product and service offering, so let brand experts like us at Creative Order get your brand at its fittest. We will make your brand savvy, smart and simple. For example, if you’re filming content for video classes or streaming do you have the techxpertise to deliver a professional delivery of your service that will make customers want to subscribe? Do you need an app for efficient online bookings? Your number one goal is to create an environment that is safe yet motivating for your clients – whether in-person or online. Our focus is to ensure that your brand delivers that in every platform you utilise.

    Creative Order provides industry-leading fitness branding and marketing services

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    gym branding design interior wall graphic

    Fitness Branding Case Study – VERO Fitness

    The key aspects of this fitness branding project were: brand naming, logo design, visual identity (fonts, colours, graphics, imagery) and website design.

    Story behind the fitness brand project – Our design agency was briefed by the founder of VERO, Lydia Docking to create a new brand in the fitness training industry that would stand above the crowd.

    With a deadline of less than two months our brief was to create everything the new start-up business would need to establish itself. Our role began with the process of devising the new brand name: VERO Fitness. We then focused on creating the logo design, brand identity and all of the touch points, including a custom website, interior and exterior signage and graphics, as well as marketing material and membership forms.

    When developing a new brand at Creative Order, we always develop a brand story that sets the tone of voice for the direction of the brand, and often tells the story of how and why the brand came to be. Here is the brand story we created for VERO:

    VERO means ‘truth’ and to ‘conquer’. ‘Truth’ because our high intensity group sessions do exactly what they say – you’ll feel the burn and be taken to the edge of breaking. ‘Conquer’ because you’ll be stronger, faster and much, much fitter than you ever thought possible – we can’t promise you’ll love every minute, but power through the pain and it’ll be worth it. Our trainers focus on the fundamentals of fitness. Not the fads. They’re here to make you healthier, not hotter (OK, so maybe a little hotter). They talk tough, they look tough but at heart they really care. If you’re new to all this fitness stuff, then they’ll ease you in before ramping it up. Already know what you’re doing? In that case, they’ll streamline your workouts and push you harder. Way harder.

    Thinking about creating a fitness brand, a gym, fitness centre or perhaps rebranding an existing gym? Click here and email us now

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