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    Building wealth in your financial services brand

    Financial services brand experts Creative Order discuss building wealth in your business

    Australia’s financial services and wealth management sector is in the midst of one of the most complex and tumultuous eras of all time. The impact and aftermath of the Banking Royal Commission is causing many Australians to rethink their service providers and ask plenty more questions. Trust has become a dirty word. Brand equity has never been more important.

    Does your financial services brand instil confidence in your customers?

    As an Australian creative branding agency, we are often contacted by financial services and wealth management firms for advice on ensuring that their branding resonates with their existing and/or potential customer base. We also get plenty of start-ups wanting to make an impact in a cluttered market.

    Rebranding can be a great way to reposition and reach an evolving customer base to showcase your services, while for start-ups, creating a strong and trustworthy brand identity is essential to building relationships and business. Honesty and consistency at every touchpoint is essential no matter how long you’ve been established.

    Your brand identity is fundamental to your client communications

    It’s important to think about how you want to communicate your firm to clients. For example, have you established and defined your values? These must reflect your ethics and way of doing business; and be aligned with those of your ideal clients. Branding is also an effective way to drive perception of your business. For example, is being a boutique firm important or will presenting a bigger network resonate with your customer?

    The language used in your financial services brand name and story will have a massive impact. Sometime the smallest tweak can have the biggest impact such as adding a framing word to your brand name like ‘associates’ or ‘group’. Key aspects to consider in the process include establishing your ethos and service offering, outlining your advisory process and defining your ideal client base.

    Financial services is filled with jargon but clarity in communications is key

    Clearly demonstrating that you understand your customers and can talk in language that resonates with them is vital. Simplify the financial lives of your clients with plain language at every touchpoint – no matter whether it is a first mortgage loan, debt consolidation advice or wealth management for high net worth individuals. Regardless of their level of financial literacy, these people are coming to you for advice and don’t want to refer to the dictionary afterwards. Jargon undermines trust.

    Working with a creative branding agency will help you define and creatively communicate these important aspects of your brand. They can also encapsulate your brand identity through all relevant channels – from digital and social to print and physical space.

    To gain trust, brand identity design rules apply to everyone

    Creative branding and corporate identity design rules equally apply to start-ups and firms looking to reposition. And you only have one chance to get it right. Consider engaging a creative agency to help you revive or design your corporate identity and create commercially successful branding grounded in trust.

    Money management is very personal. Ultimately, complete transparency about who you are, what you do and how you’ll support your clients and their hard-earned is imperative. Trust in your brand underpins it all. Get it wrong and there’s plenty of other firms waiting in the wings. How will you stand out from the crowd? By building wealth in your brand’s equity through trust. Getting your branding right is the all-important first step.

    financial services brand design-case-study birling wealth management

    Our brand agency has extensive experience creating brands in wealth management and financial services; See one of our latest brands here: Birling Wealth Management

    Get in touch to discuss branding your new startup wealth management or financial planning business or perhaps rebranding your exisiting finance business click here and email us now

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