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Logo Design & Identity 
We design innovative brand logos and identities that go beyond today.

Creative solutions for brand names, brand positioning, logo design and complete brand identity programs. Let us help you make your marque.

Branding is the most powerful asset your business can have. It is not simply a logo, a colour, an image or a font, it is also how you present yourself and communicate to your customers. Most of all it is how all of these elements work together in one cohesive language to generate an emotional and memorable response in your customer’s mind.

Good branding is finding a unique way to identify your business, to tell your story and give you the edge over your competitors. Your brand speaks volumes for the type of business you are and hope to be. It represents your vision, values and culture.

The team at Creative Order are experts at crafting innovative brand logos and identities. We make it our business to get to the heart of the ethos of your business, because it’s critical to bringing your brand to life. With every new branding project, our aim is to create a striking, beautiful brand logo and identity that will be as relevant today as it is in decades from now. If your brand is given the right consideration from the start, it will certainly be a valuable investment that will continue to grow into the future.

Creative Order is a design agency based in Melbourne & Sydney.

Founded in 2009 by
Todd Lopez and David Marc Marinelli, we design modern and memorable brand communications that affect change.

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