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sydney storm viral social media-sydney harbour bridge waterfall

Riding the Storm of Social Media – Harbour Bridge Sydney Storm

sydney storm viral social media-sydney harbour bridge waterfall

As your grand parents would say, all you need is your imagination… well that, plus an idea, photoshop and a twitter account.

Being stuck indoors, hemmed in by the rain and seeing the plethora of images capturing the #sydneystorm one of our thrifty designers took to what he knows best, not a pen and pad but Photoshop, with a cunning plan to visually communicate the severity of Sydney’s storm battered city, shores and streets.

The Harbour Bridge Sydney Storm image provided great indoor entertainment in our deign studio as the image went viral, being shared on Facebook at last count +50,000 times, more than +100,000 likes and +10,000 comments. Twitter had more than 281 Retweets, and more than 1 Million impressions.

Plus not to mention the great many laughs to be had from the numerous parodies that spun out of the original image, which featured the likes of Godzilla, Jaws, UFOs and various memes. We’d like to credit the pre-photoshop image to @neonblade.

Seems we made quite the splash yesterday, our little image had some big media coverage, article, click here to read that article, click here to read the Sydney Morning Herald article, click here to read The Mashable Au article, which by the way, had a great URL headline, taken from TLC “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” click here to read the Daily Telegraph’s article.

We received a flood of comments, but the single most enjoyable comment we read yesterday was provided by Malcolm Makkinga on Facebook, who said “I was initially annoyed at the person who did that photoshop, but now it’s all water under the bridge”. Which garnered Malcolm 340 likes, and rightly so, we completely wet ourselves laughing at that pun.

social stats viral sydney storm harbour bridge
don't go chasing waterfalls sydney harbour bridge

Note from Todd Lopez co-founder at design agency Creative Order. While this was all a bit of fun, our thoughts go out to the people who were seriously harmed and worse by the severe storm.

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