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Web design client testimonial: Virgin Money Australia

The web design team at Creative Order were briefed by Virgin Money Australia to design the travel insurance section of their new consumer website. Our client Alison Hughes, Head of Digital Delivery at Virgin was kind enough to share her experience of working with Creative Order. Here’s what she had to say:

“Creative Order delivered outstanding web design for Virgin Money Travel Insurance. They worked to understand our brand and created a quality digital experience for our customers. The team are professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with!”

Web Design Sydney - Matt Paff, Attache Software Client Testimonial

Web Design Testimonial – Matt Paff, Attache Software

We were thrilled to recently work with a truly great Australian company called Attache, an innovative account software business. Attache software have been in business for over 20 years and have been a real fore runner and innovator in the Australian software industry, from the very beginning. Creative Order was briefed to redesign their website and web apps and refine their brand identity. Matt Paff, the General Manager of Attache was kind enough to share his experience of working with Creative Order:

“Attaché Software had the pleasure of working with the Creative Order team in the web design and development of our new public website throughout 2014. We were very impressed with the way that Todd and the team took our brief and challenged our thinking to work with us to create a fabulous, modern, professional design. A design that helped transition our image from safe, traditionalist brand to a modern, innovative, yet experienced one – representative of the transformation we were under-going as a company.

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Nigel Milsom's portrait of Charles-Waterstreet wins 2015 Archibald Prize

Nigel Milsom’s portrait of Charles Waterstreet wins 2015 Archibald Prize

As massive fans of the TV show RAKE, which based on the real life story of banister Charles Waterstreet, we’re excited to see a portrait of him win this year’s Archibald. The amazing portrait is painted by artist Nigel Milsom. We love the way the claw hands have been captured; the harshness of the straight lines in both his face and hands are simply brilliant.

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Helping Small Businesses – End-of-Financial-Year Checklist – Make Tax Time Simple

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, we all have to get our financial houses in order with June 30 fast looming. In an incentive to get on top of your paperwork, the Federal Government’s new Budget has provided small businesses with an instant tax deduction for assets costing up to $20,000 purchased from budget night until June 30, 2017. They are also reducing the tax rate for incorporated businesses with annual turnovers less than $2 million. So take advantage and follow our three key steps to being tax savvy.

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behind the brand names australia start-up success stories

Four Aussie Start-up Success Stories – Brand Names Australia

What’s in a name you ask? Well the best brand names are part of our vocabulary: they signify their product like Kleenex or are the result of a spelling mistake like Google.  We love these four Aussie success stories that boast memorable names with intriguing stories behind their monikers.

Second chance success: Tempus Two
In 1997, wine entrepreneur, Lisa McGuigan created Hermitage Road after the road where she grew up. With her first bottles labelled and ready to sell Lisa dealt with her first major business hurdle, the French appellation’s campaign to prevent her use of the name ‘Hermitage’. At the eleventh hour she came up with Tempus Two, (‘second time’ in Latin), which flourished with its trademark pewter labels. Lisa is no longer with Tempus Two but with her name now synonymous with wine, she masterminded a new brand in 2011 under the eponymous label, Lisa McGuigan Wines.

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AXXIS New Brand Name & Logo Design – Business Naming

The business naming team at Creative Order are thrilled to launch another new brand, AXXIS, a startup fitness consultancy based in Sydney. Our team was briefed to create a new business name and a full brand identity for the new business, including logo design. The business name was born out of the concept of symmetry that body builders strive for in professional competition.

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Business Names Ideas – Our Four Commandments

Business Names Ideas – Our Four Commandments written by Brand Agency Creative Order® – A 2013 PricewaterhouseCoopers report commissioned by Google revealed that “Australia’s startup scene could add $109 billion to the economy and 540,000 new jobs over the next 20 years…”Just look at some of those now listed on the ASX (think SEEK and Cochlear)!

So how can you devise a business name that works and strive to be household lexicon like Apple or Nike? Start by following these four commandments for naming your new business.

We hope you find our article Business Names Ideas – Our Four Commandments a handy, insightful resource – Click the following link, business naming service if you’d like to know more about our affordable, professional service.

1. Business Names Ideas – Make it memorable but keep it simple

Ideally your name should be short and clear to inform your potential clients about what you do. If you want to be more intriguing and catchy then make it memorable but easy to spell so it is search engine savvy.

Take your cue from Ikea founder, Ingvar Kamprad who kept his inspiration simple by using his initials and the first letters of the farm (Elmtaryd) and village (Agunnaryd) where he grew up to name his now global success story.

We also love Tesla, the electric car manufacturer named for Nikola Tesla, the inventor and engineer behind the induction motor and AC power transmission.

Making memorable names is in our DNA, so stop pondering and talk with us. We can work with you to brainstorm names that will truly resonate.

2. Business Names Ideas – Stake your domain

A great brand name is obsolete if you can’t Google it! Your domain name (url) gives you an online identity, crucial for sales, marketing and word-of-mouth.

Check out our client auDA for more about registrars and resellers, and if you want to buy a or domain then you must be a commercial entity with an Australian Company Number (ACN) or Australian Business Number (ABN) – visit the Australian Government’s Business Portal for a handy checklist.

Twitter’s original domain name was because their first choice was already owned by a bird enthusiast – $7,500 later they acquired the full spelling!

Remember, advertising starts with a brand name

3. Business Names Ideas – Protect at all costs

Firstly ensure that nobody else is already using your proposed brand name as you might be legally required to stop using it.

ABN Lookup provides access to publicly available information supplied by businesses when they register for an ABN. Once you have your name, register it, trademark it (ideally along with your logo, and tagline) and display clear copyright notices.

Despite the cost Aussie shapewear brand Nearly Nude was trademarked in 11 countries from the beginning, something that founder, Lucy Hosken told FashionSource was “…initially undertaken to protect herself against litigation in other territories…” but became“…an important strategy…” She has since sold a majority shareholding in the label’s global business allowing for rapid growth and expansion whilst retaining ownership of the Australian and New Zealand business.

4. Business Names Ideas – Be consistent in every application

Consistency is key. In fact it is paramount. Make sure your name and associated entities (logo, style, taglines, etc) have consistency in design, application and language and be simple but persuasive with messaging.

Whilst the most enduring brands have stayed consistent that doesn’t mean you can’t evolve. An effective name and signature delivers a stable platform for success, just look at Chanel.

The fashion house was founded over 100 years ago but their innate symbolism (the allure of Paris and double-C logo) underpins everything they do. And proving there is always a story behind a name, their most famous and successful line, Chanel No.5 is said to be for the fifth fragrance sample presented to Coco Chanel due to her superstitions surrounding the number.

business names ideas our four commandments by Creative Order® Sydney

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