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Digital Advertising – A Pathway to Successful Marketing for Small Businesses and Start-ups

digital advertising creative order

A Brisbane couple recently created a new service called Playdate to help new mums find each other in their local area. The founders are looking to a big 2015, having only spent $60 a day on digital advertising over the last 3 months.

Parents can search for other new parents in the same postcode or suburb, drilling down to the ages and genders of their children, languages spoken and particular lifestyles.

“For instance it might be important for a stay-at-home mum that she connect with other stay-at-home mums,” Pinar Parry explains.

The couple have no budget for public relations or above-the-line advertising. By using digital advertising since going live three months ago, they have spent just $50 to $60 a day with Facebook and Google ads, and by doing so have seen 8000 sign-ups and 5000 active users on their platform.

Tapping into potential users – “The majority of spend has been on Facebook,” says Anthony Parry. “Facebook, along with Meetup, is actually a major competitor of ours but we also knew most of our potential users were already there.”

Playdate’s “highly targeted” Facebook ads have achieved a clickthrough rate of 3.5 per cent, which consensus would suggest is a solid result. Anthony Parry has also been pleased with results from buying two Google ad terms – “mothers group” and “play group”.

“We’ve had 250 playdates organised through the platform, which has logged 78,000 sessions with an average duration of five minutes,” he says. The couple recently secured a spot on the Bank of QLD-sponsored Entrepreneur Program run at River City Labs in Brisbane, and is two months into the three-month program.

If you’re a business owner who is considering digital advertising, there are a few important things you need to know before investing your limited budget. How to write the ads, how to minimise your costs so you’re not paying for the wrong type of traffic, how to target your audience using keywords and interests. If you’d like some more information, we’d love to help, click here to send the team at Creative Order an email.

Reference: Post published on 7 November 2014 on BRW by Michael Bailey Deputy editor, click here to read the original article.

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