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VERO a New Brand in Fitness – Gym Logo Design

Our design agency was briefed by the founder of VERO, Lydia Docking in December 2016 to create a new brand in the fitness training industry. Lydia’s launch date was 1st February 2017 – so with a deadline of less than two months and our brief, the design agency Creative Order set about creating everything for this new start-up business. We created the brand name VERO Fitness, the logo design, the brand identity and all of the touch points including custom website, signage, interior graphics, marketing material and membership forms.

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Switch Up Your Look – Integrated Marketing Campaign

The Optical Company who own optical retail brands Kevin Paisley and Stacey & Stacey briefed us to create an integrated marketing campaign. Spurred on by sluggish new customer numbers. TOC had a limited marketing budget to spend and consistently battles large competitors with money to burn. To combat these challenges, Creative Order developed a highly successful spring and summer through-the-line advertising campaign that combined a strong retail offer, presented using innovative art direction. The end result is a campaign that has serious cut-through across television, press, radio and point-of-sale channels.

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people in charge get it wrong new zealand flag design red peak

New Zealanders Use Social Media to Vote for the Better Flag Design RedPeak

people in charge get it wrong new zealand flag design red peak

When New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announced a proposal to change the flag, a government-appointed panel whittled down more than 10,000 design submissions to a shortlist of four designs to go to a public referendum.

But New Zealanders weren’t happy with the choices laid out for them by their government, and took to social media to lobby for a fifth to be included—the Aaron Dustin “Red Peak” design. And just a few days ago, the New Zealand government “…bowed to public pressure…” and added Red Peak, which has “…generated a groundswell of support…”

More than 50,000 people petitioned to include Red Peak in the new flag ballot, and whilst the government initially refused to budge, the intense social media campaign has paved way for the the first time in history that all New Zealanders will have a say in the design of their flag, integral to their identity and causing immense debate across the ditch.

Interestingly, an opinion poll this week showed 69 per cent of people still actually want to keep their current flag, with the total cost of deciding whether to change the flag estimated to be as high as $26 million.

new zealand flag design red peak

Kiwis will vote for their favourite design in a referendum to be held between November 20 and December 11 with the winning design going head-to-head against the existing flag in a second vote in March.

Identity is one of the most powerful assets any brand can have and the choice to re-brand or evolve your identity must be carefully considered in order to keep your audience invested in you. Talk to us about establishing a powerful identity for your new brand that truly resonates.

brand agency putting the zest and zing into a start up

Putting the Zing Into a Zestful New Start-up

brand agency putting the zest and zing into a start up

“The first thing everyone says to me when they meet me or call me is ‘I love your business name!’ or ‘I love your website!’. My clients and audience already trust my brand before they meet me because Creative Order have created such a professional and standout brand for me. So I’m already a step ahead of the competition.”
—Amanda Ford, Zest+Zing

Amanda Ford always wanted to start her own business and for her profession—nutrition—she believes that it really is the best way to make a difference. She tells us why working with us gave her a solid foundation to launch her nutrition practice and brand—Zest+Zing.

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The Truth About Re-branding

The Truth About Rebranding in Sydney – New Article by Design Agency Creative Order

Political news headlines last week included the accusation by the Australian Labor party that the Federal Government are re-branding the China free trade deal as an “export agreement” in order to make the decision more palatable to voters. In fact in the midst of writing this post, rumours are now circulating about a Liberal leadership spill.

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Web Design Client Testimonial Virgin Money Australia

web design sydney client testimonial virgin money

The web design team at Creative Order were briefed by Virgin Money Australia to design the travel insurance section of their new consumer website. Our client Alison Hughes, Head of Digital Delivery at Virgin was kind enough to share her experience of working with Creative Order. Here’s what she had to say:

“Creative Order delivered outstanding web design for Virgin Money Travel Insurance. They worked to understand our brand and created a quality digital experience for our customers. The team are professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with!”